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When you love someone you become their armor, keeping them safe from anything that can hurt them, even if it means that you’ll get wounded, using yourself as a shield in order to protect them. And that’s what Minseok has become. But that’s okay, Minseok is okay, because he believes that one day, one morning, when Luhan wakes up in his cold room somewhere in Beijing, he will realize that Minseok’s warmth is all that he needs


hello, i am the cutest maknae ever, xiumin~

โอ้ยยยยยคนอะไรน่ารักน่าหยิกเยี่ยงนี้เล่า 😍😘

EXO’s Showtime Ep10 - The Haunted House fanart by joonmyea


"my lips are bleeding"

Kris's voice cracks after waking up


image   image

น่ารักอ๊าาา เพิ่งตื่นปากแตก 55555555555


How LuHan takes xiumin’s picture

แกล้งกันอะ น่ารักชิบหายกรี้ดดดดดดดดดดดดดด

ใครว่ะ 55555555555555555

xiuhan and sekai sleeping together on the same bed ♡ + maknae sehun wishing his hyungs kids good night~


(Source: sehuo)

Minseok’s birthday message to Chanyeol. (trans)

กรี้ดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดด เลิฟยูทู


I’m sure that I am not the only one who is curious about this lol

credit : biiwiid


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